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(expanding Non-profits and Governments too)


That’s about how much of the world does not use English.

What profits & opportunities are you missing?

With 26 years of age, wisdom and expertise, Auerbach International helps improve your impact and communications across cultures and creates jobs through world commerce.

Your investments — and expected profits — can quickly vanish if your communications become miscommunications and your national marketing methods don’t work in other countries.

Translating, Interpreting and Localizing anything into 80 Languages — all adapted to your industry and target culture — with guaranteed accuracy – and when only the best will do.

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Global Marketing research and strategies — Plus other countries’ critical cultural insights, business tips and negotiating methods … so that you make no gaffes that can cost you everything.

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“Auerbach International excels in professionalism and customer satisfaction. Their engineering team goes beyond their job and troubleshoots issues until they have been resolved to our complete satisfaction.”

KLA Tencor

“Cadbury was so impressed with your Spanish translations that they asked us to have all their HR policies translated. Kudos to your team for winning over this hard-to-please crowd.”

Buck Human Resource and Investor Solutions

“The staff of Auerbach International is always courteous and very accommodating to our tight deadlines. We appreciate their efficiency and accuracy, regardless of the size of the project. We can always count on them to make our business a success.”

PV Communications

“Auerbach International has always met our deadlines, always sent us completed files in any format we asked for, and they were always friendly and courteous. It is a pleasure to work with a company that thinks your jobs are as important as you think they are!”

Dentsply International

“Japanese companies wonder how to find a good translation agency that can handle multiple languages quickly and simultaneously. Not many can be relied upon. The quality of your translations was superb. We were able to run our project smoothly by having chosen your company.”

Toyota Japan

“I’m impressed on the quality of the [Spanish] translation… you don’t even find that perfection in catalogs where the native language is Spanish.”


“You hired world-class interpreters for us and they were a great help to our employees.”

United Rentals

“Auerbach International did a superb job translating about 15 very technical manuals into Russian on a rush basis. The Auerbach people were always very helpful, gave me lots of personal service and attention, improved on some prior translations from our distributors, and pointed out some inconsistencies. I know I can rely on them to make my company shine.”

Ebara International

“Translations are one aspect of my job that I simply do not have to worry about. I submit extremely complicated materials to be translated and laid out per a very rigid specification and it all ‘just happens.’ ”


“What separated Auerbach from other translators was their ability to produce Postscript data in the characters of the various languages. Our projects have included Cambodian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese texts. All the finals were delivered with speed and accuracy.”

BAE Systems

“Thank you again for your fabulous service, quick turnaround and very reasonable invoice.”


“Your team is turning around our stuff insanely fast, which will get us back on schedule.  We were actually considering delaying shipments because our user guides would not be ready in time; this is no longer the case thanks your efforts. I don’t know what I would do without you guys.”


“Two weeks before a conference in Tokyo, we panicked and realized that our company’s website needed to be translated to Japanese. In just four business days, Auerbach International completed the translation. We received numerous compliments from Japanese who were surprised that this could be done so well and so quickly.”


“The [Spanish] manual and Powerpoints look great. We couldn’t be more pleased and we appreciate the care and timeliness in getting them done.”

Western Oregon University

“I can’t say enough good things about Auerbach International. We had a complex project requiring 15 sets of translations within a tight turnaround. They delivered on schedule and always kept us informed. They understand the technical side of things, which is crucial in the digital space. Good people and solid professionals.”

Dish Digital

“Our firm in Italy worked with Auerbach International to localize our mobile tourism apps. Not only did they do an outstanding job on the translations. They also performed a perfect cultural adaptation of the language and content for each visiting nationality. Foremost was the Arabic. We have received the highest praises for the sensitivity with which Catholic topics were described to Muslim audiences.”

Inform Amuse

“Auerbach did extremely high-quality work and on a rapid turnaround. My Arabic reviewer was so impressed that he could find nothing to correct. He asked me, ‘Where did you find those translators? They’re very good!’ Your whole [multi-lingual] job was quite an accomplishment. Only rarely does the machinery here get that cranked up to give compliments.”

US Department of Education