The Auerbach Advantage

What makes us unique?

  1. Language and localization services that have saved individual clients over $500,000. in their language projects. This has been done through:
    • On-time deliveries (What would a product-shipping slippage cost you on a critical deadline?);
    • Eliminating product-launch delays (Do you want your products sitting on a shipping dock waiting for a multi-lingual user manual?)
    • Projects done right the first time (Why do companies find “extra” funds for a re-make but complain about the price to do it right the first time?)
    • Cultural gaffes prevented (What is the financial impact if your marketing text or approach offends your overseas audience?)
    • Discounts for text repetitions (On repeated manuals or contracts, these can be as high as 90%.).
  2. Translation and language services to clients of all types and sizes, whether they are large multinationals, small or medium size firms, non-profits or government agencies.
  3. Native-speaking, subject-specialized, professional linguists with more than ten years’ experience. (We don’t employ amateurs or use translation software producing comical or inaccurate mistakes that make you look unprofessional.)
  4. Subject-specialized translation teams for our document translation services and website localization service including initial Translating, second-linguist Quality Assurance (QA) review and Proofreading to ensure maximum accuracy and the highest deliverables on each project.
  5. Subject-specialized, local interpreters to avoid long-distance import costs.
  6. Professional project managers to select the language teams, keep you informed of progress, ask for clarification of unclear terms, and do a final QA check to assure accuracy across single- or multiple-language versions.
  7. Translation Memories to maintain terminology consistency across projects and to discount for text repetitions.
  8. Flexible pricing. We will match or beat any other reasonable, comparable quote!
  9. Five pricing tiers for all budgets and delivery timeframes.
  10. The most rapid deliveries humanly possible, when needed.
  11. Miracle delivery times, when needed, which others consider impossible.
  12. On-time deliveries within the quoted timeframe or by your due date.
  13. A full spectrum of language translation services including:
  14. All language combinations, from or into English, Italian into Arabic, etc.
  15. A global marketing orientation. Do your text benefits and appeals resonate with your target audience? If not, we can suggest English re-writes before translating.
  16. Language and document translation services for over 80 Languages … and many more dialects.
  17. Acculturation to ensure that the translated vocabulary matches the dialect and usage of your target market (such as Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, Swiss German, Taiwan Chinese, etc.).
  18. Winners of the independent ValueStar Award for Client Satisfaction for three consecutive years.
  19. Highest level of personal service and attention, no matter what your size.
  20. Pro-active discussion or forewarning of issues that can impact your desired result. (For example, “Your suggested format won’t work well because…” or “Format X would give you more cost savings.”)
  21. Editing of English content to create savings, if desired.
  22. Satisfaction and Quality Guarantee.
  23. Free, on-going education through our e-newsletters and personal conversations about language and global marketing issues that can slow or enhance your growth.
  24. Free Lunch & Learn one-hour seminars to present the fundamentals of translation services and the rest of the language business to ad agencies, commercial printers, etc. so they can sound more intelligent and add value to their end-clients.
  25. A Global Marketing side that offers:
    • Written translations;
    • Text acculturation to your target audience;
    • Onsite interpreting at home or abroad;
    • Independent online surveys and market intelligence gathering in other countries and language markets so you don’t have to rely on distributors or hire in-country staff.
    • A full spectrum of resources, from venture financing to in-country, industry-specialized strategy development;
    • In-depth insights in how to do business, negotiate and navigate the cultures of over 50 countries;
    • Tailored presentations on cultural issues affecting business, negotiating or living abroad.
    • For incoming international executives (and their families) to the US, tailored seminars on American culture, business environments and adaptation.
    • For North American executives (and their families) going abroad, similar tailored seminars on the target-country culture, business environment and adaptation … to help guarantee your success and avoid family disruptions that could jeopardize your visit.

After submission of our subject-specialized and professionally executed translations, we will return them for your distributors’ or in-house reviewers’ comments. If you follow the guidelines in our PDF, How to Manage the Translation Review, and return any desired edits in a timely manner, we will guarantee the quality and end-result. Don’t have distributors or in-house linguists? Don’t worry. Our quality guarantee still applies.