Cultural Quality Assurance

OOPS! How much would it cost you?

Since you are a savvy marketer, you already tested your product benefits, pricing, design and advertising in the US. And they probably all work well because you did the necessary research before you launched it.

But success at home is absolutely no guarantee that your investment will succeed abroad. Many firms simply want their advertising, brochures, and websites localized for international markets without first considering whether they will even be effective.

How we help

Auerbach International evaluates your domestic programs by using a team of marketing-oriented linguists and/or professional marketers in each language or target country. The team members are acutely aware of trends in each language market and how these can benefit or detract from your promotion. And they have proven expertise in evaluating the subject of your promotions — hi-tech, healthcare, consumer goods, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.

Quality AssuranceWhile ultimate success depends also on other factors such as your promotional list, Auerbach International can intercept any obstacles that can doom your chances for the best possible results. Our evaluations help guarantee your success by localizing your content — suggesting words, formats, images and benefits that appeal to your audience — and saving you thousands of dollars in easily avoidable errors.

What you get

Each language team prepares a written evaluation stating any problematic areas and recommendations for change.

At the end of the process, you will also receive a Certificate of Acceptance, stating that your source file — whether printed or electronic — when it is (modified and) translated and localized, contains no obstacles to success in each language market.


What works at home may cost you money abroad. And often, this is due to a simple mistake in product naming (like the Chevy Nova which, when introduced in Mexico, meant “does not go”) or some other inappropriate and easily avoidable factor. You have spent thousands or millions of dollars developing your product, your process and your marketing. Why not spend a bit more to safeguard your investment abroad?

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