Dentistry Specialty Case Studies


The world’s largest dental supply company with X employees worldwide has entrusted Auerbach International for almost 20 years to create almost 500 DFUs (Directions for Use) in all of the languages of the European Union—from the most common French, Italian, German and Spanish to the least common such as Danish and Greek — as well as into Russian.

These directions have to be rendered precisely, reflecting the meaning of the source English to ensure careful compliance and no errors. Not only have the Auerbach International translations protected the company from any liability claims but they have also vastly expedited time to market. When this client has asked its European offices to manage the translations, the result has often been bottlenecks, delays and trans-Atlantic arguments, all of which have delayed product launches and incoming revenue.

At a particular occasion, the US home office sent our translations to be reviewed by its EU distributors who returned one file with an extra paragraph. Fortunately, our client came back to us to ask why our translation suddenly expanded. Upon review and back translation into English, we discovered that the Danish distributor had added some unauthorized claims which the home office knew nothing about — and for which it would have been liable. Auerbach International’s quick review and response saved the client from possible lawsuits and maintained the overall integrity of the client’s message in the way the home office engineers and marketers wanted to convey it.

Not only has Auerbach delivered faster than expected on many occasions, but our client knows that it can rely on us for timely and accurate deliveries of fully translated and laid out files, ready for the printer. This reliability accelerates the sales process and maintains the uniform message the client wants to convey.