Our thoroughly tested translators are:

  • EXPERIENCED– with a minimum of five to ten years of professional experience;
  • KNOWLEDGABLE– with in-depth understanding of many industries, products and services;
  • CERTIFIED– from the American Translators Association or equivalent organization;
  • EFFICIENT– with exceptional analytical and technical skills to deliver results rapidly;
  • FLUENT– with well-developed knowledge of word order, grammar and sentence structure in each language;
  • CULTURE-FOCUSED– with a clear understanding of the issues and contemporary trends of target countries;
  • CONFIDENTIAL – never divulging the content of your files to others; and
  • CONCEPT-ORIENTED – rendering the equivalent meaning of each line, not word-by-word.

We match the subject or topic of the project to the expertise of our translators and assemble translation-editing-proofing teams according to project requirements and our general process.

We rely on the best translators on the business, never on machine translations, which often produce highly inaccurate results.

Our 80 Languages & Dialects

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