Global Business Strategies


Global Business StrategiesAs an executive at a small- or medium-sized company, you face unique challenges which large companies do not: How to launch your products or services abroad on a more limited budget.

  • Wouldn’t it be wise to know the risk / reward scenarios before committing to an expansion effort into a specific country or region?
  • How much time and money should you commit to Europe, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America?
  • What intelligence would you need to know to determine this?
  • How will you determine that your international marketing strategies are on target before you invest time and money?
  • How will you optimize your investment of time and money internationally?

How we help you

Auerbach International’s experts are uniquely positioned to meet these challenges. We assemble a team of senior marketing professionals in the US and in your target country or region to address your specific business challenges.

We then gather the needed in-country research and expertise and tailor a plan with specific recommendations.

If you already have an international marketing plan, let Auerbach International’s team do an audit to see if any elements are missing and to ensure that your communications will be welcomed by your international target prospects.

Business challenges Auerbach International solves – within your budget:

  • Knowing what your audience wants Have you done a survey or research to determine your prospects’ true needs?
  • Market entry strategies What unique factors affect how you can penetrate your selected country or region?
  • Who are your in-country competitors? How are they viewed? What market share do they control? Have you analyzed the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats posed by your competition?
  • What distribution channels are open to you? Do those already have an exclusive with your competitors? How can you evaluate your distributor’s capabilities and reputation among the locals if you cannot speak the language?
  • How about marketing? Do you know and understand the benefits that your prospects within each country or region respond to? Has your research confirmed that these are or are not the same as in the US?
  • Is your packaging or product description and terminology compatible and engaging? Will they meet local customs or requirements? Do you capture the prospects’ mind share immediately? What cultural nuances within each country can you leverage to ensure your products are launched successfully?
  • How will you promote? Direct mail? Cold calls? Retail stores? Sponsorships? Partnerships? Sales & Marketing agents? Do you really know how well —or badly— these methods work in your target market? Let Auerbach International show you how to maximize your investments.
  • What about licensing and market-entry requirements? Do you know all the rules and regulations so you are not stopped at the border? What hiring and firing laws in your target country will affect your plans?
  • How will you handle customer service or product repairs? Do you have an in-country network?


Entering any new market — Germany, China, the Mideast, Brazil or elsewhere — is fraught with risk factors you may have considered, but need help with. Business is conducted differently in each country or region so why should you assume that your product or service or strategies are transferable abroad? Our recommendations have saved client companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoidable mistakes and earned the same in marketing programs properly conceived.

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