At Auerbach, we help guarantee our North American clients’ success in their overseas Global Marketing business ventures and help our overseas clients succeed in the North American market.

Success in overseas markets depends on far more than creating brochures, manuals and providing websites in other languages though. Before you can successfully market on a global scale, you need to know the market you are looking to enter, listen to the people there and develop a plan. The services we offer can do all of this and more.

For each country or world region, positive results depend on a whole mix of the most effective background research, benefits, appeals, advertising methods, marketing strategies, product design, pricing options, distribution networks, after–sales servicing, licensing, workplace practices, and many other factors that are all targeted to reach your specific global market…and industry.

One of the keys to successful global marketing is gathering local insight and utilizing local knowledge. If you want to reach people, you need to know them first. What drives them? What are their lives like? How can your product or service help them? To achieve this, it helps to have a team of specialized, knowledgeable experts like ours who are specifically trained in language translation and other language services that can do a lot of the background work for you. And who know the benefits, appeals and nuances of each target market.

If you have not considered these issues or need help adjusting some of your overseas marketing strategies, here is how we can help you:

Get the global marketing expertise needed to be successful in any venture. Our global marketing strategies are targeted precisely and we take pride in delivering superior work.

Our experience crafting strategies for global marketing comes from years of experience and a selectively chosen team of experts who know the local regions and language at an expert level.

Whether you are expanding, just starting out or continuing a period of rapid growth, we can help with all aspects of developing your global marketing strategies. From selective international services marketing to global product marketing, we tailor our approaches to each individual locale so that you can truly think globally and act locally.

We know that developing an international marketing strategy is no easy task. There are many influencing factors, and decoding the most important and impactful is just the first step. We take you beyond the information and develop meaningful analyses and preparations that you can act on.

Develop the knowledge, relationships and overall global marketing strategies needed to be successful internationally. We are behind you 100%. Contact us today to learn more about our global marketing services.

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