Global Resources


As an executive at a small- or medium-sized company, you face unique challenges which large companies do not: How to launch your products or services abroad on a more limited budget.

  1. Document Translations (manuals, articles, brochures, contracts, etc.) and Website Localizations from or into 80+ languages, all with the fastest delivery times humanly possible, if needed;
  2. Multimedia localizations. CDs, videos, Flash files, PowerPoints and more, complete with transcriptions (if needed), layout (if needed), voice talents and production … in the same 80+ languages or dialects.
  3. Interpreting for group or in-house meetings (for visitors, at trade shows, conferences etc. at home or abroad);
  4. Instant Interpreting: To communicate now with limited-English speakers abroad to resolve problems, negotiate a sale, etc. Done through a telephonic interpreter, 365 / 24 / 7. The lack of a common language is no longer a barrier to communication.
  5. Teleconferencing. For sales, training and other sessions with others across the country or around the world.
  6. Global Market Intelligence Gathering. You can research national markets in English already. But how can you do so abroad when you don’t speak the language … and don’t have or want to rely on a distributor? Our specially trained teams can talk to executives in your target country, in their language and about your subject, gathering the critical insights to help your strategic planning. And we then prepare the results back into English.
  7. Customized research: Our global teams supplement your in-house efforts for specific projects. Tailored by subject, country / region, and industry.
  8. How to Business and Negotiate in 120+ Countries. The most in-depth information available on-line or in print through our partner experts.
  9. Acculturation training: Understanding other business cultures so that you avoid critical mistakes and can succeed at your venture.
  10. Private jets. If your schedule is tight and you crave private-jet travel, through our colleague company Jet Suite we can provide executive travel at about half the rate of other companies’ jets, around the country or the world.
  11. Moving? Expert relocation services from real estate agents to the most highly recommended packers and movers to most any country.
  12. International-venture financing. From microfinancing to letters of credit and international loans.
  13. Advertising and short-run printing. Global ad campaigns and Green printing. Various global paper sizes and mail services. All as one-stop shopping.
  14. Software enhancement. Global ad campaigns and Green printing. Various global paper sizes and mail services. All as one-stop shopping.
  15. Attorney services: Incorporation papers, employment contracts, licensing agreements, immigration visas, and more to launch your business and import family members and/or key executives.

For any of these services, please email us at or call +415 592 0042 to discuss your needs.

We will be glad to make your going global easier.