Custom Market Research


To make profitable decisions, you need critical information. But busy people often have no time to compile data from multiple sources, check reliability and evaluate results. Custom business research by our partner, Halpern Info Services, finds answers faster.

Up-to-date and trustworthy information provided when you need it can help you fund ventures, increase sales, become more competitive, assess new product areas, improve marketing and sales operations, and save money.

Not all specialized information is found online, not all information can be verified and trusted. And search engines often do not deliver responses in context. Our professional researchers focus on specialization, relevance, time saved and erroneous information avoided. And we typically do secondary research and use primary research (interviews and meetings) to double-check statistics and find information that’s not readily available.

Actionable Information

To make actionable decisions, you need the competitive information we can locate, retrieve, filter, analyze and present:

  • Market Research: Size, segments, leaders, distribution channels, regulatory issues, prices, trade stats, etc;
  • Company Reports: Public and private, US and global — Key personnel, financial reports, recent editorials, etc;
  • Market Assessments: Industry profiles, growth outlook, company strengths and weaknesses;
  • Trade Shows and Events: Industry developments, opportunities, competitor activities;
  • Target Acquisition Technologies: Aids for plans and exit strategy;
  • Facts and Findings: Filling in holes in business plans and marketing campaigns, finding information that makes channel programs work, etc;
  • Competitive Intelligence: Who operates where, with what products and at what prices?
  • Economic Overviews: Economic development, retention / attraction issues.

Examples of Medical Projects

Clients range from start-ups to large established medical firms.

While there are no typical projects or typical clients, representative projects include:

  • Company profile of WebMD;
  • Ascertaining standards of practice for a new tissue-analysis innovation;
  • NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) clinical data, facilities and competitive product info and pricing for neonatal monitoring equipment manufacturer;
  • Market assessment of MRI medical imaging market with particular attention to GE; and
  • Profile of instrumentation companies that conduct business with the Federal government;

Prices range from $500. to $30,000.

Approach and Methodology

Use of fee-based commercial databases (Dialog, Factiva, and LexisNexis) as well as other online specialty sites, government databases, directories, experts and telephone research. Results are relevant, authoritative and specific. We gain access to content you probably won’t find on your own. Professional researchers have expert knowledge of the content of information resources, including the ability to evaluate and filter them critically. Our researchers can locate, retrieve, analyze, filter, organize and report on findings – from multiple sources – to solve specific problems.

About us

Professional researchers understand what constitutes valid information. Subject matter experts on the team have experience in architecture, advertising, telecommunications, wireless, medical devices, life sciences and biopharmaceuticals, plastics and composites, industrial products, and more.

The principal, Richard Halpern, is both a researcher and marketer with a BA Honors from Brown University. He previously worked in several successful technology emerging-growth and global firms (BBN, Progress Software and Altiga Networks / Cisco Systems) in marketing and communications as well as in a private international trade directory-database firm. He is a member of SLA and AIIP as well as MDG (Medical Development Group).

Articles have appeared in Northeast Export: Building Your International Business, and peer-reviewed MD&DI: The Essentials of Research in Successful Product Development.

His teams of professional researchers have on average 15 years’ experience and are members of various marketing, industry, information sciences, library and competitive intelligence associations. Most have advanced degrees. Research is conducted in accordance with AIIP legal and ethical standards, and covers the world.

Get Results Now

Whether you need to supplement your in-house research staff, or find yourself spending countless hours searching to no avail, let Halpern Info Services give you the tools to make solid decisions.

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