Human Resources Languages & Clients

For over 25 years, we have provided HR translations: into and from…

Canadian French, European French, Mexican Spanish, General Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Hindi, Japanese, (Simplified / PRC) Chinese, (Traditional / Taiwan) Chinese, Arabic, and Indonesian…

… among our 80+ languages. Most of these projects have also required multilingual desktop publishing.
Some of the many clients in the HR field we have served multiple times include:

  • Mercer HR Consulting (Corporate HQ)
  • Mercer Dallas
  • Mercer San Francisco
  • Mercer Los Angeles
  • Buck HR Consulting
  • HR Chally Group
  • Essi / Q-Metrics
  • Woodruff-Sawyer
  • Zenith Administrators
  • Google
  • The Associates
  • Cadbury Schwepps
  • United Rentals
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Dallas Independent School District
  • Southern California Bakers’ and Confectionary Workers’ Union
  • Marriott Hotels
  • ESRI
  • Freescale Semiconductor
  • Mitsubishi
  • …and more

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