Human Resources Specialty Sample Projects


Challenge: Explaining U.S.-specific terms such as HMO, PPO, co-pay, deductible, etc. found in U.S. health plans to Hispanic and Chinese audiences unfamiliar with American medical benefits or with no prior health insurance experience in their home countries.

Solution: Translation completed by healthcare-specialized translators familiar with the Hispanic and Chinese cultures who identified any unclear terms with many more words than English uses and stating the English in parentheses ( … ) after. Auerbach was then able to continue the translation, using the target language terminology or abbreviation


Challenge: Multibillion dollar, global company needed four employment contracts translated from English to Chinese overnight for its offices overseas.

Solution: Auerbach International used its overseas offices to prepare the translations during their daytime (our nighttime) and delivered the translated employment contracts to our U.S. client the next morning.


Challenge: Translating or interpreting US concepts – such as an informal work environment or telephone cold calling —- which do not readily exist in other cultures.

Solution: Auerbach International project managers first review the English text to identify any such potentially confusing concepts and suggest the insertion of additional text to explain them from the target-culture perspective before translation. For (verbal) presentations, the interpreter likewise takes extra time to explain the concepts to the target audience from the host-culture’s viewpoint and with the speaker’s prior permission.


Challenge: Multinational environmental company needed its highly legalistic distributor contracts translated into 27 languages without altering specific terms, some of which required explanation in each language.

Solution: Auerbach International used 27 language teams of translators, editors and proofreaders who understood American and target-country legal systems to replicate the meaning of the English as closely as possible. Defined English terms in brackets where needed but retained the English usage per client legal requirements.


Challenge: Major U.S. equipment rental company wanted to present its benefits and reorganization plans to its thousands of non-English employees nationwide in an interactive setting.

Solution: Auerbach International arranged over 20 simultaneous Spanish interpreting sessions in locations nationwide, repeated over two years, complete with interpreter transmitter and listener headsets. This enabled the senior executives to present the benefits to its Latino employees and for employees to ask questions directly to senior executives.


Challenge: Worldwide client wanted to ensure that the nuances of its English instruments were captured properly in each translated language.

Solution: After translating and editing into the target language, Auerbach International provided an on-site interpreter to do a verbal back-translation into English in front of the client to provide added reassurance.


Challenge: National hotel chain needed interpreters for ongoing union negotiations with Spanish- and Chinese-speaking employees, and rapid translations of proposed changes to contracts.

Solution: Auerbach international provided onsite interpreters in both languages for immediate use, and had translation teams on call for any contract modifications. Enabled the hotel to reach a settlement faster, getting employees back to work.


Challenges: A worldwide company needed to create its online name and address fields to work across multiple languages but not every language works the same.

While English addresses go from the smallest unit to the largest (name, street, city, state, country), German addresses go from largest to smallest (country, city, street, name). And many languages have double family names and no middle names.

Solutions: Auerbach International proposed how to internationalize the fields, such as changing “Last Name” to “Family Name” and allowing sufficient characters for hyphenations as well as single names as in Indonesian or paternal / maternal names as in Spanish. We also proposed allowing respondents to fill in their addresses as they perceive them but worked with IT staff to reprogram its entries in a way the computer would understand.


Challenge: Multi-million dollar purveyor of candidate-assessment instruments wanted to use the same English instrument for all languages for easy computer tabulation of results. However, many concepts were US-specific and would not translate with the same intention.

Solution: Auerbach International culturally sensitive teams of translators, reviewers and proofreaders to do the initial language versions. Client then tested these English against the target-language versions using in-country bilingual speakers. When discrepancies in understanding arose, we then revised certain questions to make them less culture-specific and more workable across countries.

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