Our extensive network of language professionals also includes highly trained language interpreters – people who render spoken communication between languages.

Interpreters can work either:

  • Consecutively (speaker speaks, then interpreter translates orally), or
  • Simultaneously (interpreter interprets while the speaker speaks).

We do the following to ensure your success:

  • Match interpreters to the subject and the languages of your meeting;
  • Provide professionals in North America or throughout the world;
  • Discuss your project with you to help you meet your needs within your budget and timeframe; and
  • Determine your most cost-effective equipment solutions (whisper transmitters or sound booths) for seminars or conferences.

For court cases or legal depositions, we also provide court-certified interpreters in many languages.

Although interpreters’ schedules book up very quickly, we have a history of finding skilled professionals with just a few hours’ notice.

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