Welcome to Auerbach International, providing language services for almost 30 years. Our clients range from start ups to Fortune 100s, non-profits to governments. And they all have one trait in common — they are organizations that value value and know that quality costs. Amateurs, students, non-professionals and native speakers can all say they are linguists. But only professionally trained linguists can guarantee accuracy and do your project right the first time. They also culturally adapt your file to your target markets. Have you ever wondered why organizations somehow find the funds for second-round fixes but balk at paying slightly more for first-time accuracy? With us, there’s no worry. If you like your language services delivered

  • correctly
  • easily
  • quickly
  • with no hassles
  • with methods that have saved clients over $500K or proportional amounts, and
  • with people who want to make you look good…

…we would like to work with you! And if you are a non-profit, we are pleased to give you an extra discount to advance your work for your community and the world. Our solutions from or into over 80 languages include:

  • Document translation services
  • Translations of e-books and anything written or electronic
  • Website localization
  • Software localization
  • Mobile Apps localization
  • Multi-lingual Desktop Publishing / Layout
  • Transcription of recordings or videos
  • Voiceovers, dubbing and subtitling of Videos, CDs and Flash files
  • Interpreting: Spoken communication for on-site meetings and conferences
  • Court-certified Interpreting
  • Instant telephonic interpreting 24/7: Your lack of a language is no longer a barrier to communicate
  • Interpreting equipment: Transmitters and Participant headsets
  • Product- or company-name evaluations to ensure no gaffes in foreign markets
  • Cultural adaptation review.

Come inside to see how we can serve you.

Our 80 Languages & Dialects

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