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Market IQ

How do you know what your customers or prospects are thinking if you do not speak their language?

Sometimes, gathering information about your customers or competitors or competitors’ customers requires in-depth market research. Auerbach International is uniquely positioned to uncover such troves of buried informational treasure.

We can gather market intelligence on most any subject to ascertain:

  • Trends research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product design
  • Product-idea testing
  • Product modification ideas
  • Pre-launch product introductions
  • Assumptions confirmation
  • Price testing
  • and more.

“After Auerbach international interviewed our potential customers, we discovered that we should have redesigned our whole presentation and approach, which we assumed was the same as in the US and Canada. Instead, we ended up saving about $500,000. before we launched in Brazil.”

Why you can’t do as good a job in-house as Auerbach International

We appoint a senior project manager with many years’ expertise marketing products like yours to your designated world regions (software in Europe, finance in Latin America, telecoms in Asia, manufacturing in country X, etc.). S/he in turn assembles a team of linguist-interviewers who are specially trained to know how to elicit responses with critical market intelligence.

The interviewers call about a specific subject and then ask open-ended questions to judge a market or research topic. All conversations are recorded and conducted by in-country interviewers in the interviewees’ languages and time zones. Usually these are free flowing conversations in which the interviewee’s opinions and insights are welcomed. And who, after all, doesn’t like to give an opinion?


Now, you need no longer be in the dark regarding what your overseas clients, competitors or prospects think. Let the experts at Auerbach International uncover the trends and actionable information that will enable you to grow your market share internationally.

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