Product Name Evaluations


As part of our Global Marketing orientation, we work with clients to evaluate product names in each language market. We can advise whether the name has any negative or positive connotations, sounds like or reminds listeners of any particular image and is attractive in the target language. We will also come up with potential names in other languages based on a source country (such as the US or Canada) product and, depending on ease, can check patent records to see whether our target-language ideas are already registered in those countries’ databases.

Product-name evaluation can be one of the most important steps in global marketing, especially when localizing products to other countries. Even in other countries that share the same language as the product’s home country, some words and names have different connotations.

For example, Nike launched a new sneaker called the Black and Tan in March 2012, hoping to capitalize on an audience that likes the Black and Tan beer drink. Unfortunately, “Black and Tan” is also the name of a violent parliamentary group that was active in Ireland in the 1920s. In the end, Nike issued an apology. Other companies have run into this same problem, including Ben & Jerry’s and Urban Outfitters.

When switching languages where phrases can lose their meaning and grammar rules are different, the results can be even more disastrous.

Our excellent product-name evaluation services can save you time and grief up front, identify potential gaffes, and help your product enjoy the same success in other countries that it does in your own.