Professional Translators For Professional Results

Professional Translators For Professional Results

Some agencies try to cut corners by hiring non-professional translators. Auerbach International thinks you deserve better. Our carefully cultivated translators and interpreters are professionally trained, each with two to four years of specialized education and in-depth knowledge of two or more languages. In addition, most have certification from the American Translators Association or equivalents from other countries. The few who don’t always have the experience to compensate.

And, as benefits our name, Translations Express™, they also work fast.

Over many years they have experienced the art of translating not only words, but also concepts and ideas — thoroughly and quickly. They know which software tools can aid the process, which resources are available online, which industry-specific and general dictionaries to reference, and which subject specialists to consult on your behalf.

Our professional translators have also developed the…

  • analytical and technical skills;
  • in-depth knowledge of correct word order, grammar, and sentence structure in each language;
  • understanding of target countries’ cultural and contemporary trends; and
  • total need for total integrity and confidentiality…

… all to render your project in the best possible way.

We match the subject of the project to the expertise of the translators, and assemble translation-editing-proofing teams (as needed) according to project requirements and our general process.

In short, we use only the finest human brains in the business and never rely on machine translation which produces at best highly inaccurate and often comical results.