Pump & Engineering Case Studies

Auerbach International has extensive translation and localization experience in the global pump industry. Here is a sample of our project successes…


  • Project: One of the world’s largest industrial pump manufacturers turned to Auerbach International to prepare over 50 manuals, translating from English to Canadian French and Mexican Spanish, as well as incorporating these on its website.


  • Challenge: The manuals contained highly specialized terminology. Our translation teams were familiar with most of the vocabulary from other projects, but relied on the Internet and specialized industry dictionaries to check the terms they did not know. They did a double check through published articles in each language to ensure that their selected words matched the proper usage, and then verified their selections with industry experts in each target country.
  • Results: Auerbach International was able to deliver the over 50 manuals on-time and accurately translated in to Canadian French and Mexican Spanish for both on- and offline use.

Immediate Brochures

  • Project: A multinational pumps manufacturer relied on Auerbach International to prepare three compressor brochures into Chinese for a trade show to be held within two days.
  • Challenge: Because of the quick turnaround needs and differences in geographical regions, our project managers arranged for the Chinese translation to be completed and checked overnight through our office in China while the US office was sleeping. When the translation was done, we then had to flow it into the English template to fit the brochure. But with China using different brochure dimensions, the template had to be resized first.
  • Results: With offices around the globe, Auerbach International’s expert DTP staff was able to meet extremely quick turnaround times so that the brochure could be printed in China while the client traveled there for the trade show.