Renewable technology is one of the fastest growing and developing industries in the world. Although many renewable and energy companies are located in the United States, many other global market players — and customers — are located in Europe, Asia and the Americas. To reach these markets, it is important to communicate in a language they will readily understand — their own. This not only ensures comprehension but also demonstrates your dedication to prospective customers abroad. Non-US renewables companies realize that using English is a key factor in communicating success internationally. And when they are ready to go public, preparing their documentation for Wall Street and English-speaking investors will help launch them to new heights. Auerbach translates anything written or electronic — brochures, sales docs, engineering specs and manuals, websites, press releases, investor documentation, CDs, multimedia presentations, and more — into 80 world languages (including English). And we not only provide highly qualified Green-speaking translators, but also pricing tiers for varying levels of verification and speed.

You also benefit from our global expertise: We can read your text with a marketing focus and assess whether your English messages will work in your target overseas markets…and advise how to change them if they don’t. In addition, we have been translating for solar energy companies and related fields such as organic agriculture, environmental products, hydro power, energy, engineering and construction for over 25 years.

Be sure you too will be heard around the globe.

But beware! Are you relying on your overseas distributors to translate your documentation? How do you know what additional claims, warranties or sales promises they might be making if you cannot read their languages? Ultimately, you may be liable … which is why your messages should all be controlled by a trusted source from your home office.


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