Discovering what your clients or prospects think is a key element in formulating products and marketing strategies. But when you are limited to asking a North American audience in English only, your perspectives can be very narrow. Auerbach International’s team of global marketing experts can create the survey for each target country and language as well as conduct the surveys either via the internet or phone to ensure the most accurate qualitative customer -, competitor – or employee-focused data points.

Our services include:

  1. Helping you design surveys which will yield the results you desire.
  2. Implementing surveys in other languages through our trained research staff on all continents and time zones.
  3. Conducting closed- or open-ended interviews in other languages according to your script.
  4. Deriving true market intelligence in other language markets about your company or your competitors.
  5. Translating the survey or interview results into English (or into other languages).
  6. Presenting the results and recommendations.

We provide for each language market…

  • global marketing expertise to develop the most effective survey to achieve your information goals
  • suggested modifications to generate the greatest effectiveness translation of the surveys
  • translation of the surveys
  • trained team of global interviewers
  • interviewees’ agreement to participate, if desired
  • interviews in your contacts’ languages and time zones
  • translation of the interview results back into English
  • evaluation and recommendations.

Implementation We then translate the surveys into your designated languages and dialects. The team leader along with the project manager then generates a team of in-country interviewers

  • who understand your product and
  • who call upon your interviewees in their languages and in their time zones.

During the interviews, we record the answers in each target language and, as needed, elicit open-ended answers. Structure For each language market, we appoint one team leader who has many years of proven expertise in marketing your product (software, banking, toys, food, etc.). For multilingual surveys, this means one marketing professional for each language. Each marketing leader evaluates your source-language (usually English) survey to advise whether it will work when English is translated or how it needs to be rewritten to generate the results you are seeking. Results If you want to understand what your overseas clients or prospects think of you — or your competitors— or if you want to research how they are thinking about specific issues, Auerbach International’s global team can uniquely solve your challenges.

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