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“We move with confidence that our translations are done correctly. We have never had an issue with an Auerbach translation for the last 13+ years. We have software (pop up) windows that need to be accurate. I can think of no other agency I would trust with this request. It is hard to quantify the cost of a software window that misdirects a user to do the wrong thing. That would be catastrophic! To date, we have never had such an issue. We have hard dates to hit on printed materials or what we like to call, “in box” materials. If a “getting-started guide” or “accessory guide” is not delivered on time, products do not ship. This would cost us tens of thousands of dollars A DAY. To date, all Auerbach requests have been met on time and on budget. Every year we rebid our translation support. So far, Auerbach has been the most cost-effective solution to all for our translation needs. We are currently looking to expand to South America. I am confident that the services of Auerbach International will fulfill all of our translations needs for these new documents.”



“Our firm in Italy worked with Auerbach International to localize some of our mobile tourism apps, including for churches, into several languages. Not only did they do an outstanding job on the translations. They also actually performed a perfect cultural adaptation of the language and content for each visiting nationality. Top and foremost was the Arabic language, for which we have received the highest praises for the sensitivity with which Catholic topics were described to Muslim audiences. In addition, Auerbach provided excellent voiceover talents to speak each dialog. These have increased our great reputation among our peers and competitors. Therefore, when you require translation services, I would highly recommend Auerbach International for the job.”

CEO of Inform Amuse, Italy


“Auerbach International played a crucial role in turning around a last minute request that we needed for a workshop that had to be translated from English to Chinese. Their thorough review of the documents and attention to detail was key to delivering a high quality translation. They were able to maintain the integrity of the presentations and deliver on time as promised, allowing for our delivery of the workshop to seamless.”

Thunderbird School of Global Management


“Auerbach International excels in professionalism and customer satisfaction, working with us to ensure our documentation has been accuratelty translated to Japanese. their engineering team goes beyond their job and troubleshoots issues until they have been resolved to our complete satisfaction.”

KLA Tencor

“As you were less expensive, on time and responsive, I recommended you to my colleague, and from our last conversation, we are about to choose you again.”


“The Cadburry policy harmonization committee was so impressed with the last translation that they asked us to have all their HR policies translated. Kudos to you and your team for winning over this hard-to-please crowd.”

Buck Human Resources and Investor Solutions

“We have been using the translation services of Aurbach International for over ten years. Our requirments place a very high premium on accuracy, thoroughness, and timeless. In fact, these are absolute necessities. We have found the very fine Aurbach staff to be consistently reliable in fulfilling each of our requirments. Since 1995, they have translated our materials into more than a dozen different languages.  They never let us down. We know we can count on Auerbach International. and plan to continue doing so far our translation needs in the future.”


HR Chally Group

“I have worked with Auerbach Interonational for five years now and have only good things to say! They have always met our deadlines, always sent us completed files in any format we asked for, and they were always friendly and courteous.
It is a pleasure to work with a company which thinks your jobs are as important as you think they are!”

Dentsply International

“In late December 2004 we had an immidiate need for a Russian translation of our safety taining. Auerbach did the translation within a week and the Moscow training went smoothly. We were very satisfied.”

Bechtel Corporation

“We used your service for our multilingual deployment project (from Japanese to several languages including English) fot the website providing previews of the new products. As the translation project required tight scheduling and high quality, all the other translation agencies declined. We deeply appreciate your willingness to provide this service. The response and arrangements by your project manager were trustworthy and sincere; needless to say,the quality of translations was superb. We did not have any concerns during the project. Japanese companies wonder how to find a good translation agency that has capabalities of handling mutliple languages quickly and simultaneously. Unfortunately, there are not many that can be relied upon. This time, we were able to run the project smoothly by having chosen your company. Thank you very much.”

Consultant for Toyota, Japan

“We have worked with Auerbach International for many years. Auerbach has supplied us with timely, accurate translations for avariety of clients projects in a variety of languages. Their work is of high quality and they are responsive to our needs and timeframes. I would highly recommend them to any organization that needs translation services.”

HR Mercer Consulting


“I can’t say enough good things about the professional and thoughtful team at Auerbach International. We came to them with a complex project — requiring 15 sets of language translations over multiple pages –within a tight turnaround. They delivered on schedule and always kept us informed as to the project’s status. They understand the technical side of things and are happy to work with you in that regard, which is crucial in the digital space. Good people, solid professionals, job well done.”

Dish Digital


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