In addition to its own global marketing specialists, Auerbach International is proud to partner with The Thunderbird School of Global Management, the world’s oldest graduate school focused exclusively on global business, founded in 1946.

Thunderbird is regarded as the world’s leading institution in the education of global managers and has operations in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Russia and Asia. It has been ranked No. 1 in international business by the Wall Street Journal for six consecutive years and also by U.S. News and World Report for 11 consecutive years.

About Thunderbird’s School of Global Management

The school’s curriculum is based on the principle that to manage globally, executives must not only know the intricacies of business, but also understand the customs of other countries and communicate with different cultures. More than 38,000 students have graduated from Thunderbird, and its alumni live and work in more than 140 countries.

Thunderbird’s mission—educating global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide—is a reflection of the greater purpose of business as a force of good around the world. It is also a vision of global management as an honorable profession that requires technical competence, professional skill and a non-negotiable commitment to ethical business practice.

The T’bird Method

Thunderbird uses a dramatically different approach to global business challenges, melding the talents of faculty and professionals, tens of thousands of alumni specialists across the globe, select teams of MBA students, and some of the world’s top consulting firms.

Thunderbird provides unique, globally-integrated services to clients in virtually any market, including the lucrative opportunities in developing regions. It specializes in many aspects of change management, go-to-market strategies, global brand management and customer relationship management.

Thunderbird deploys a customizable methodology to provide:

  • market sizing
  • market forces analysis
  • market analysis
  • market segmentation
  • culture analysis
  • customer analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • opportunity analysis
  • brand definition
  • targeting and positioning of promotion mix
  • strategy health check and audit
  • local environment scanning
  • value chain needs analysis
  • strategic initiative development
  • forecasting
  • risk analysis
  • feasibility studies.

Recent Projects

  • A large import/export company wanted to enter the US market with a range of spices and chilies. Thunderbird helped develop a series of methodologies that determined the market size and opportunities available for new entrants. Additionally, Thunderbird helped provide a tactical market entry plan that allowed the company to successfully enter the US market.
  • A global component maker in the computer industry asked Thunderbird to plan a ‘go to market strategy’ for China, the Middle East and South America. As a result, successful campaigns have occurred in Egypt, China and Brazil.
  • For a leading industrial product manufacturer, Thunderbird researched and analyzed the market size for one specific product category in India and the receptiveness of the Indian market for the client’s product line. The engagement involved determining the market from two angles (top-down and bottom-up), analyzing the political situation, researching the existing supply of the product, and investigating a global competitor’s intentions toward capturing the same market in India.