How We Use Technology

The translation industry has made a huge leap in the last 30 years. From this … to this: And we are all grateful for it. Our implementing these innovations ensures that you, our clients, benefit from the translation accuracy, quality and speed you need. Evolution As...

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Why Fear Shouldn’t Stop You

Fear. This is probably the main emotion preventing people from targeting ethnic US or overseas markets. In essence, if you can’t read or write a language, how will you know whether your translated brochures, manuals, websites or videos are correct? And if you are not...

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Translation Pricing

“How much is it to translate my 64 pages?”  As a full-service language agency, this for us is a common question with a long answer. Unfortunately, this is like asking what the rents are in your city. Just as you must know what neighborhood you are referring to; the...

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Bloopers #9

Many decades ago, a lady approached Pablo Picasso in a Paris park and asked him to do her portrait. He agreed, quickly drew her likeness, and requested $800. “How can you charge so much?,” she protested. “It took you only five minutes.” “Yes,” Picasso replied. “But it...

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Blooper Video