We were localizing promotions, content, manuals and descriptions long before they were put into websites.

Auerbach International routinely handles a huge spectrum of website localization projects — with our usual fast delivery and highest quality.

These can range from simple one or two static HTML web pages into a single language to complex sites using dynamic web pages (such as .asp or .cfm) with copy embedded in code and containing graphics, animation, oral presentations and interactive applications… all into multiple languages and writing systems.

In addition to the technical demands of creating an effective website, to work on a global level your site also needs to be “internationalized” – i.e., checked for its content and graphic correctness for the target audience. For example:

  • Are dates and numbers written according to target-language conventions?
  • Are the text, colors and images appealing or offensive to the target audience?
  • Does the text refer to expressions not used abroad?
  • Are prices converted to local currencies?
  • Are your noted payment methods available in the target countries?

To provide an integrated localized website, we may also need to consider…

  • Keywords, description tags, and other non-visible copy used by search engines;
  • Character-encoding adjustments for non-Western writing systems;
  • Text embedded in code (java, cgi, PERL . . .) within the HTML code or in separate archives;
  • Translations of PDFs in their original DTP applications;
  • Web-based applications;
  • Animated presentations using Macromedia Flash, Adobe GoAlive or other software;
  • Dubbing of website video productions; and
  • Translation within the content management system or database for dynamic web pages (.asp, .aspx, .jsp, .cfm…).


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